Planning holidays require lots of effort. When travelling to a country with malaria, this preparation increases significantly, especially if you’re travelling with family. Malaria can be a dangerous risk to travellers and can spoil the all-important holiday fun. Avoid the hassle and danger by booking a malaria-free holiday next time you take a break!

From Safaris to Coral reefs, we’ve rounded up our top pick of destinations with all the fun – and zero worry!

If you do decide to head to a malaria-endemic region, we would recommend checking with your GP to determine what anti-malarial tablets you may need to take. The website Bemused Backpacker also has some general travel tips.


BEAUTIFUL AND FUN | Photograph: Estonian World

Who said exotic has to be dangerous? Mauritius is an idyllic island surrounded in sunny, tropical beaches. Fun is also in the bag with endless outdoor activities: world class scuba diving, quad biking and even submarining!

Come to Mauritius for:

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Romantic retreat
  • World-class scuba diving
  • Endless Quad biking adventures
  • Outdoor fun!


ENRICHING | Photograph: Trafalgar

Malaria has gone here – but the culture definitely hasn’t. Throw yourself in another world next holiday with an eye-opening trip to Morocco. The scenery, culture, tradition and activities will have you breathless. From camping in the Sahara desert to exploring vibrant Marrakech – Morocco has it all!

Come to Morocco for:

  • Culture
  • Breathtaking escape
  • Exploring
  • Desert
  • Atlas Mountains


Futuristic, vibrant and a complete change of scenery; Japan is one for the bucket list! Visit iconic Tokyo for its vibrancy and history or leave the city and discover unique Japanese culture, traditions and breathtaking landscape. Japan is a perfect destination for families with great safety, endless fun and culture for the parents!

Come to Japan for:

  • Exotic family escape
  • Change of scenery
  • Culture
  • Amazing landscape and exciting cities



A true tropical paradise made up of countless islands, surrounded by crystal clear seaside heaven. A celebrity favourite, Seychelles is a place of your dreams. Want to bring the kids with you? They won’t get bored with countless exciting activities spread across several islands. Enjoy scuba diving, paddle boarding and exotic wildlife!

Come to Seychelles for:

  • Pearly white sand and azure water
  • Tropical Heaven
  • Luxury retreat
  • Exotic activities and wildlife

Other Destinations

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Hawaii
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