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Multi-dose priming and delayed boosting improves PfSPZ protection against different strains of malaria, and registration opens for this year’s Molecular Parasitology Meeting.

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PfSPZ, a live-attenuated malaria vaccine, has been shown to offer up to 100% protection against homologous strains of P. falciparum (the same strain as in the vaccine). New research focuses on making the vaccine effective against other strains of the disease. It’s been found that 5 doses of the vaccine over 16 weeks can offer 40% protection against heterologous strains of malaria, an effect that increases to 64% with vaccine boosting after 12 weeks. Although logistical and adherence challenges remain from using the vaccine, this new research demonstrates that multi-dose priming, and a delayed booster dose for those not protected after the first controlled infection, significantly improves protection.

Registration has opened for this year’s Molecular Parasitology Meeting of the Genetics Society of America. The virtual event will include a symposium on ‘Black Lives Matter in Parasitology’.


Multidose Priming and Delayed Boosting Improve PfSPZ Vaccine Efficacy against Heterologous P. falciparum Controlled Human Malaria Infection

Molecular Parasitology Meeting XXXI

Image Credits: CDC/ Dr. Mae Melvin [17696]

Scientific Advisor: Elena Gómez-Díaz, Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine, Spain

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