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The WHO publishes its annual World Malaria Report and a new article stresses the need for highly-effective vaccines to eliminate malaria.

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The WHO published its annual World Malaria Report this week, highlighting success over the past two decades but stressing the need to get back on track. Despite a 60% reduction in global malaria deaths over the past twenty years, landmark goals for malaria elimination, set in 2015, have this year been missed. The WHO estimate that there were 229 million malaria cases and 409,000 malaria-related deaths in 2019, figures that are almost identical to the previous year. They point out that progress is likely to be further disrupted by the coronavirus, particularly with relation to access to core interventions.

Following the reconstitution of the WHO Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee last year, a new article has emphasised the need for continued support to deploy first-generation vaccines and to conduct fundamental research into malaria biology which can ultimately lead to highly-effective malaria vaccines.


World Malaria Report 2020

Building Momentum for Malaria Vaccine Research and Development: Key Considerations

Image Credits: WHO/ Global Malaria Programme [WHO]

Scientific Advisor: Katharine Collins, Radboud University Medical Centre

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