Our association, APLM, would like to propose a scheme caleld ‘Stop-Malaria Clubs’. In this article, we would like to explain what that is and how it would work in communities across Africa.

As a part of our Health Awareness Programme, we would like to propose ‘Stop-Malaria Clubs’ to be implemented across Burundi and Rwanda. But what is a ‘Stop-Malaria Club’ and how will it benefit the local communities in Africa?


Before the establishment of Stop Malaria clubs by APLM, we analyzed the harmful effects of malaria on health at the national, African, and international levels and on sustainable development in general.

According to the World Health Organisation, malaria kills a high number of people, especially in Africa.In this fact, a need for the establishment of a permanent sensitizing club is a necessity for our association.

What is a ‘Stop-Malaria Club’?

The Stop Malaria Club is a club set up for the dissemination of information and advice on how to prevent and treat malarira cases.

The Stop Malaria Club will closely monitor cases of malaria reported in households and inform them that malaria should be treated in hospitals or other health institutions and that individuals should avoid consulting those practising witchcraft. The patient will be informed about the feasibility of the Thick-Eye Exam (RDT) or Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT)

These clubs aim to raise awareness of side effects and complications related to malaria and its health dangers as well as promote the health of the population and make them awake the usefulness of mosquito nets. They also aim to supervise and strengthen the capacity of the use of anti-mosquito and anti-malaria products.

Integration of Stop-Malaria Clubs in Schools

We also wish to implement ‘Stop-Malaria Clubs’ in schools to educate and inform children about malaria and how to prevent and treat it. We aim to:

The benefits of the Stop Malaria Club

Our hope is that, with Stop-Malaria Clubs’ we will be able to reduce the malaria mortality rate. We can summarise our intentions in some key points:

The club will wake the population that sleeping in a mosquito net impregnated with long-acting insecticides is one of the effective means to protect yourself from contracting malaria.

The club will intensify the initiatives made by the various organizations fighting against malaria.

The club leaves the population in the right track to be treated in the hospital or in the hospital other health institutions.

The club will improve the use of mosquito nets and the understanding of its importance.

Design a malaria component in a broader school health program.

Formulate a national strategy to fight against malaria in school

Identify the main problems encountered in the development of malaria control programs at school;

Learn from examples of promising practices at scale

Define the most appropriate interventions to combat malaria in schools

Understand the benefits of fighting malaria in school

Demonstrate why the education sector needs to respond to malaria

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