Our world faces many issues today.

At Fight Malaria, our main focus is on educating as many people as possible about malaria, as easily and efficiently as possible. It is essential that we, as global citizens, make a constant effort to strive for a better, happier world.

Often when people hear words such as ‘charity’ or ‘help’, they tend to imagine themselves having to put in hours of their life into volunteering, or investing money that they don’t have. This isn’t true and it needs to be made clear that helping and being charitable should not be an unachievable feat! In the upcoming days, people across the UK will be partaking in sports and other activities to raise money for Sports Relief. Of course, this isn’t the only way to raise money, and if you’re not in the UK or don’t fancy too much exercise then there are plenty of options available. Something as simple as buying a bracelet for a good cause can make all the difference to change people’s life and fight for a better world; introducing ‘Relate Bracelets’.

What are ‘Relate Bracelets’?

‘Relate Bracelets’ is a 100% non-profit organisation which sells bracelets towards global causes. Relate bracelets are mainly sold online and are sold to change people’s lives and to make a difference in our world. The Relate Bracelets Team say that:

“As a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise, the majority of our revenue is donated to credible causes and invested in social upliftment initiatives, with a focus on creating opportunities for all involved, at every stage of a project.”

Each bracelet is designed with a specific cause in mind: from endangered wildlife to efforts against malaria. Whenever you buy a certain bracelet, you know that the money you contributed will go to the intended cause that the bracelet is based on and most importantly, you will ultimately be saving lives and creating a better life for so many people, animals and communities!

Here’s a rundown of what Relate Bracelets do and why it’s such a great cause! The Relate Team explain that:

“Our Relate bracelet Makers, from the elderly to refugees and township youth, earn an income”

The organisation has produced a specific spending breakdown, designed to show exactly where the money raised goes and how far your money will go.

You can find out more about the impact the organisation makes on the Relate Bracelets website.

How you can help

Next time you buy a bracelet or accessory, stop a moment and think where your money will be going. Will it mean greater profit for a business? Or will it go towards saving lives, animals and communities? When you buy a Relate Bracelet, you know that your contribution will benefit the world that you live in! You can see the organisations list of causes here.

Have a browse, look at their impact, and BUY A BRACELET!

To find out more and follow the story, follow Relate Bracelets on Twitter.

Despite causes, such as Relate’s, best efforts, they need help in order to fight such a complex, diverse issue. You can make a difference! Be it buying a bracelet or adding to the Fight Malaria Network.

If ignored, tragedies such as fatal diseases like malaria can cause significant damage to people’s life, health and communities. It is essential to educate as many people as people in order to prevent and eradicate them. Diseases such as malaria can be prevented, and through the distribution of accurate and high-quality educational material and goods, progress will be made!

How can you get involved with Fight Malaria.

By writing insightful blogs, sharing our resources and spreading the word, you can make an impact!

If you are a malaria researcher, blogger or scientist and would like to submit an article for our blog, we’d love to hear from you! Email any articles you wish to share to: [email protected]

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