The football star stood in an enclosed box filled with hundreds of insects to raise awareness of malaria.

Many people would recognise David Beckham as a football icon, an inspiration to children across the globe, but now he has become involved in a new charity campaign to raise awareness of malaria.Producer of The Martian, Ridley Scott, has Beckham on board to help generate interest around a new malaria prevention campaign. Despite malaria being a preventable disease, thousands still lose their lives to the disease.

In a video shared on Twitter, Beckham is attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes.

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The former England football captain said that he finds it ‘totally unacceptable’ that every two minutes a child dies from malaria. In an effort to highlight the threat that the disease poses, Beckham stood in a glass box, surrounded by mosquitoes.

Some of the insects in the box are the carriers of the parasite that causes malaria and can infect people when they bite.

The stunt is a reference to how malaria is transmitted, through the bite of an infected mosquito.

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His encounter with these mosquitoes was filmed and shared as part of the Malaria Must Die campaign, which is backed by the Gates Foundation.

The campaign, which launches today, takes place 70 days before The Malaria Summit which is held in London, and calls upon the 52 heads of the Commonwealth to stand up and play a key role in fighting malaria.

Beckham first got involved with the cause at the launch of Malaria No More nearly a decade ago, when he played tennis at Wembley Stadium over the world’s longest mosquito net with Andy Murray.

You can learn more about the Malaria Must Die campaign here.

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