There has been growing hope in recent years that malaria could eventually be eradicated, but that sense of optimism is being challenged. Scientists are warning of a “super-malaria” parasite is spreading rapidly across Southeast Asia, and could pose a global health threat if it spreads to Africa.

Fighting malaria should not be left to be tackled by governments or charity organizations, but should be a combined effort and duty of the society from grassroots to create a healthy environment and strong generation to spearhead the economy. For example, in sub-Saharan Africa countries such as; Uganda, malaria is still number one killer disease.  A considerable amount of effort has been done and work is currently underway to support the eradication of malaria, but there are many gaps in finding the right solution.  For example, the government of Uganda has begun distributing free mosquito nets, but some people have not used them properly. This has lead to frustrations in fighting malaria.

The good news is that Roperfree is working with Fight Malaria, intensifying the sanitisation campaign because individuals need to be educated to maximise impact. We are delighted to announce that we intend to make our work available to the masses, considering that everyone is prone to contracting malaria.

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On May 17, 2018, Fight Malaria Ground Crew visited PTMOF (Pelletier Teenage Mothers’ Foundation) in the Nassana suburb of Kampala City to provided educational information and Roperfree mosquito repellents to the vulnerable community which comprises of teen mothers who have been abused or molested, some of which have health issues.  We understand that giving back to society is the most rewarding activity any organization could be proud of doing. Social responsibilities should be the way forward if we want to eradicate malaria by 2030.

However, the sudden emergence and spread of this new resistant strain should not come as a surprise to malaria control experts — it’s a case of history repeating itself. Just like insecticide resistance, drug resistance, it’s a phenomenon that we have experienced before, and will most likely see again and again until malaria is eventually eradicated.

Although the disease continues to be a major global public health problem, the number of deaths from malaria are falling due to the impact of major PMI-funded control programs, which include insecticide-treated bed nets, indoor residual spraying and anti-malarial treatments.

The goal of malaria eradication is a constantly moving target. Malaria parasites and the mosquitoes that transmit them are continuously changing in response to control measures, and so keeping pace requires dynamism in approach and practice and shifting our focus towards encouraging multiple, concurrent strategies against the parasite and the mosquito

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Members of the general public are advised and encouraged to visit Fight Malaria for best resourceful information about malaria. Summer is around the corner. Drop us a line before you travel and you will be surprised how resourceful information could be handy

Roperfree Mosquito Repellents and Aromatherapy can be purchased on the Roperfree Store.

In Kampala Roperfree mosquito repellents and Aromatherapy can be purchased at:

  • Friecca Pharmacy- Wandegeya
  • WestLink Pharmacy-Quality Village Mall –Lubowa
  • Roper fashions- Kampala Plaza on Kampala Road
  • Kasumba Square Mall
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