Since day one, it has always been our aspiration to emphasise the importance of preventing the disease and educating people about how to treat it. After much hard work and dedication from the Fight Malaria Team and its affiliates, we are proud to say that we are well on our way to fulfil this goal.

Fight Malaria is now recognised as a trustworthy, reliable source of high-quality educational resources by several organisations and schools. From the UK, to the heart of Uganda, Fight Malaria is broadening its horizons to a global community and help in the ongoing fight against malaria.

Fight Malaria resources are being used as learning and revision tools as part of GCSE Biology at The Portsmouth Grammar School and have been proven to be engaging and enriching.

We caught up with Jack Moyse, a Year 10 student to ask him about Fight Malaria, he said:

‘To assist our studies in learning Biology, we listened to a podcast produced by Fight Malaria. I speak for myself and my peers that the Fight Malaria podcast series exceeded expectations and helped us gain a greater understanding of what malaria is. I would like to thank the Fight Malaria team for enhancing our understanding of malaria in a fun and entertaining way.

TEACHERS: Download your class worksheets here

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Upon great success in local schools, we took the challenge of making this a more global operation and is now in contact with several organisations in Uganda, distributing their resources and helping community outreach teams. We are still in an ongoing effort to collaborate with as many organisations as they can to expand their outreach and raise the much needed awareness.

Despite our constant efforts to increase the world’s understanding of Malaria through its physical outreach, digital resources and online products, you can help too, whether it be through writing articles, distributing our resources or simply giving us suggestions.

To help Fight Malaria on any of these activities, be sure to contact either [email protected]

We thank Jack Moyse from The Portsmouth Grammar School for providng the quote shown avove and all our affiliates for giving us the opportunity to expand our outreach.

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