Who are Sea Dog?

Sea Dog Print Studio is an independent studio specialising in producing high quality screen printing and embroidery. The team also digitise artwork or design graphics and images from scratch. From designing to printing, the Sea Dog Team and their 20 year’s experience are here to fulfil your every need. Visit the Sea Dog Print Studio Website here

How have they helped Fight Malaria?

Fight Malaria specialises in digital, downloadable resources which are easily accessible. However, we realise that not all people, travellers, and communities have the means or resources to print and distribute our educational resources. Consequently, the Fight Malaria Team has broadened its horizons and reached out to several specialist organisations and influencers in order to produce and distribute physical resources and educational tools, such as printed resources and T-shirts. They will be shipped out free of charge by Fight Malaria, across the world, to communities and locals who are unable to access our online education; providing quality resources to those who need it most.

From day one, Sea Dog Print Studio were keen to help and agreed to bulk-print Fight Malaria T-shirts. From helping with design work to printing, the team have always been helpful and enthusiastic towards the project. These T shirts will be part of a carefully designed package of goods which will be sent out to malaria endemic regions.

Not only has Fight Malaria partnered with several organisations to assist in creating and distributing more easily accessible resources, they have also identified, within our own operations, where Fight Malaria has the greatest potential to contribute towards doing so. Initially, Fight Malaria simply offered downloadable resources. Although successful, the team realised that if we were to reach as many people as possible, we would need to push the boundaries and come up with new ideas to educate as effectively as possible. Since then, Fight Malaria has introduced podcasts, blogs, articles and audio blogs; all of which are free of charge.

How can we help you?

Does your community or organisation have trouble accessing the help, information and education you need? Thanks to our kind partners, you may be eligible to receive one of our new education packages containing tools, resources and goods in order to prevent malaria. If you think this is you then don’t hesitate to email our support team at: [email protected].

Be sure to include the name of your business/community, your address and your contact details (if available). We cannot wait to hear from you!

How could you help us?

Despite our efforts, we need help in order to fight such a complex, diverse issue. Perhaps your organisation would be willing to partner with us and help produce and distribute goods and resources. Or maybe you are an individual who could add to the Fight Malaria Network.

If ignored, fatal diseases such as malaria can cause significant damage to people’s life, health and communities. It is essential to educate as many people as people in order to prevent and eradicate them. Malaria can be prevented, and through the distribution of accurate and high quality educational material and goods, progress will be made! So, how can you help?

Well, there are plenty of ways to help on just our network, yet alone the the ever-growing counter-malaria communities! By writing insightful blogs, sharing our resources and spreading the word, you can make an impact!

If you are a malaria researcher, blogger or scientist and would like to submit an article for our blog, we’d love to hear from you! Email any articles you wish to share to: [email protected]

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