Nowadays, people use their smartphones for almost everything. From fitness monitoring to mobile payments, mobile phones have changed our society. However, take away the entertainment and you can begin to see the revolutionary developments taking place, notably in healthcare.

Why not check out our list for the apps changing the face of malaria to get an idea of the current innovations.

Would you be surprised to know that there are apps out there which successfully diagnose malaria at the touch of a button? Well, they do exist and one, in particular, is saving lives every day in malaria-endemic regions. It’s name? xRapid-Malaria.

ONE OF A KIND: xRapid is the first iPhone app in the world to automatically diagnose a major disease. | Image: xRapid

A true landmark in malaria discovery and treatment, xRapid-Malaria allows health workers and locals to quickly and easily diagnose malaria, with less than an hour of training. The app is renowned in the Malaria field for its ingenious development, resulting in a 98% accuracy rates and the ability to take up to 30 readings per hour; a real lifesaver in crowded malaria-endemic areas.

REVOLUTIONARY: xRapid-Malaria can diagnose malaria through any compatible mobile phone | Image: Daily Mirror

The app, used mainly by health officials and nurses, works by groundbreaking artificial intelligence and image analysis, the system (based on the thick smear test) can quickly and efficiently diagnose malaria through any compatible smart device.

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Previously, blood tests could only be done through heavy, hard to use equipment meaning few people could be trained or even able to access the necessary tools to diagnose malaria in remote regions. xRapid-Malaria has changed the way health and aid workers go about treating the disease, offering them a reliable, safe, easy to use method of testing for malaria.

Not only does xRapid-Malaria test for malaria, it also serves as a crucial tool for preventing future outbreaks. Thanks to the retention of information that smartphone technology allows, the app essentially functions as a powerful disease-mapping tool which, when used frequently, can contribute towards predicting future outbreaks across the world.

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store.

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