Our world faces lots of problems. It’s our job to help.

Clothing designers and manufacturers Conscious Step have taken a product that everyone uses but given it more than an everyday purpose.

It’s a product that we all know and use: socks. Cheap or expensive, we use them every day or wrap them up as gifts at Christmas. Conscious Step takes socks to a whole new level; with every purchase of a pair of socks, they help support global causes and partnerships, including malaria.


Stepping in to support global issues. | Photograph: Conscious Step 

When you hear the words ‘help’ or ‘contribute’, most people immediately jump to the conclusion that they either need to spend hours volunteering or donate significant amounts of money (which a lot of us don’t have). Sure, If we have the chance, many of us try to purchase Fairtrade food products. However, the more you look and the more you change your spending habits, the bigger difference you can make.

Next time you buy a pair of socks, stop and think about where your money will be going. Will it mean profit for a business? Or will it go towards saving lives and helping the world? When you buy a pair of socks from Conscious Step, you know that what you are buying will benefit the world that you live in!

You can read about the extensive list of inspiring causes every pair of socks sold goes towards here. The list includes fighting malaria, disaster relief and fighting poverty.

The Aim

to take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it.”

So far, through selling quality socks and taking inspiring action, Conscious Step have done the following:

  • Planted 2,860 Tropical Rainforest Trees
  • Provided 26,748 Meals
  • Offered 27,387 Days of HIV & AIDS Treatment
  • Donated 82,202 Books
  • Provided 80,775 Months of Clean Water
  • Planted 58,020 Trees
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You can have a look at their great sock collections on their website here. Have a look, see the causes and buy some socks!

To read more about Conscious Step, visit their About Us page

Or follow Conscious Step on Twitter

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