In a world where technology is always evolving, it’s no surprise that healthcare apps are beginning to appear on our devices. From journals to diagnosis, these malaria apps are revolutionising the way we handle, prevent and treat this fatal disease.

Available on iOS and Android, here is our pick for the top malaria apps.


MalMalaria World Congress 2018 App Iconaria World Conference, 2018

A unique platform for ALL stakeholders to build a solid framework for collaborative action against malaria. Find your way around the conference in Melbourne, Australia using this app available on both iOS and Android!






Malaria Buddy App Icon

Malaria Buddy 

Malaria Buddy is a great app for easily accessible, great information on all fields of malaria. One of its most useful features is its on-board geolocation. Through advanced mapping systems, Malaria Buddy will let you know when you are entering a high risk area. Whether you are a local or a visitor, Malaria Buddy is a must for your smart device!

Who is it for?
  • Locals
  • Tourists
  • Travellers






Malaria Journal

Get notified of all the recent scientific discoveries surrounding malaria. Packed with studies, research, journals and articles. Bringing together knowledge and opinions from all sides of malaria science and treatment, this app is a must for the anyone with a keen interest in malaria and science!

Who is it for?
  • Science hungry
  • Visitors
  • Health officials


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Roll Back Malaria

Roll back malaria is an easy to use app bringing you up to date with all the latest RBM news and activities. Never miss a minute with the app’s constantly updated feed, showing content from over 500 partners; from malaria endemic countries to the private sector. A must for anyone living in high risk regions or those wanting to know more about the  latest activities in the field!

Who is it for?
  • Locals
  • Tourists
  • Anyone with an interest in malaria news!






World Malaria Report ApWorld Malaria Report

This app gives you an easy to follow, up to date status of all events in the global progress against malaria. Tracking progress in programmes, investments, elimination and threats, this up updates you on all aspects of fighting malaria!

Who is it for?
  • Everyone with an interest in malaria!
  • Locals
  • Tourists and visitors






Stop Malaria App IconStop Malaria

Enjoy gaming and want to put it to good use? Then Stop Malaria is right for you! In this action-packed game, you’ll carry out preventing, investing and researching malaria in an attempt to eradicate the disease. Perfect for students, schools, this app flattens the gap between education and fun!

Who is it for?
  • Students
  • Gamers
  • Teachers and schools
  • Anyone with an interest in malaria!


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xRapid App IconxRapid Malaria

A true landmark in malaria discovery and treatment, this app allows health workers and locals to quickly and easily diagnose malaria, with less than an hour of training! The app has a 98% accuracy rates and can take up to 30 readings per hour. Through Artificial intelligence and image analysis, the system (based on the thick smear test) can quickly and efficiently diagnose malaria! This app is a must for all those living and working in malaria endemic regions.

Who is it for?
  • Health Officials
  • Nurses and doctors
  • Locals

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