Fight Malaria are proud to share a song written by the Uganda Nursing School Bwindi (UNSB) about malaria. They originally shared it via Twitter and have given Fight Malaria permission to publish it online.


The below video is a song written by UNSB wrote to educate their community about prevention and care of Malaria. The instructors of nursing at Bwindi have found that the students learn best through interactive methods, such as when combining textbook material with dancing and singing which is very strongly embedded in their local culture.

A little about UNSB.

It is the first health professional school in the Bwindi region of Uganda – considered the poorest region of Uganda which is home to the last families of mountain gorilla and the Batwa tribe of Pygmy people. Most people live on less than $1/day. Scott Kellermann MD (USA) founded the Bwindi Community Hospital in 2003 as the first health center in the region to treat many easily preventable conditions. Three years ago, Dr Kellermann and Jane Nkalubo RN MSN established the Nursing School with Ms Nkalubo as dean/principal. The school educates secondary school students in nursing certificate to address local needs in community health, hospital care and public health.

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It is widely considered the best new school of nursing in the country!


These guys are super talented, be sure to share this article!

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