Hi everybody,

My name is Justine Rougé, I am French and I am currently waiting to obtain a PhD in medical entomology, a versatile research area regrouping my principal passions for insects and medicine and will allow me to become a researcher at the interface between fundamental and applied research.

During this waiting time, I wanted to work with an association linked to my future work and passions. I wanted to get involved in something which would resonate with me, whilst doing something where I would get back what I would put in!

My goal was to engage in a global challenge, such as the fight against vector-borne disease and vector control. Indeed, there are a lot of hopeful news about vector-borne diseases, but nevertheless, positive news is often associated with negative news… it’s a vicious circle.

But my personal quote is “The obstacles of now are your springboards for tomorrow”

So, it’s naturally that I have joined Fight Malaria as a columnist, sharing the latest news concerning malaria and other vector-borne diseases.

Through this experience, I hope to transmit important and key pieces of information about vector-borne diseases for a large public as well as to develop my critical and scientific mind and my popularization capacities.

You may recall that Malaria is the most important human parasitic disease affecting in about 214 million individuals and is responsible for more  430 000 deaths per year. Sub-Saharan Africa continues to support a disproportionate share of the global burden of malaria with 89% of cases and 91% of deaths, including a majority of children under five years old. If you too, you think it can’t continue anymore like that, don’t sit on your hands and do like me, engage you in the adventure of Fight Malaria!

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You can become a weekly columnist like me, but if you prefer to work directly in the field, you can engage you to prevent malaria in African schools.

We need you and count on you, so don’t forget: Fight Malaria!

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