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On Saturday, February 24, 2018, residents of Kampala thronged to different distribution centres to receive mosquito nets. The distribution took in all the five divisions Kampala.

Over 2.6 million people were registered in all four divisions of greater Kampala District namely: Rubaga, Nakawa, Makindye, Kawempe and Central.The Uganda malaria control program made the distribution mosquito nets as if they had a prophetic message from God what could be happening by now in the month of March 2018. Mothers dominated the distribution points compared to their male counterparts

The rains have stormed Kampala with vengeance and many parts of low land slams of Kampala have been flooded with water making the dwellers of the affected areas to vacate their premises. The rain floods came with 3 things; snakes in floods, breeding of mosquitoes and waterborne diseases.

With all the efforts of Uganda malaria control program to distribute free treated mosquito nets to all divisions of Kampala before the rainy seasons. The distribution of mosquito nets has saved a lot of people from getting malaria.

On the other hand, there have been challenges such as; many people could not save their properties due to the floods including the free mosquito nets distributed to them.

That is why it would have been wise to think about plan B in the best interest of the dwellers in low-level lands and slams to have what could be called a ”combo” package of mosquito nets and Roperfree mosquito repellents and not leave out resourceful information readily available online 24/7 on the Fight Malaria website.

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The good news is that many people could not hide their excitement after receiving mosquito nets such as; Annet Namutira, a resident of Mackay Zone Namirembe Bakuliparish Rubaga Division, based after watching online news of Bukedde on YouTube.

Annet Namutira said “Malaria will be history in her homes. The money that was going to treatment will now be saved,” We should continue the excitement in reaching out and instilling hope that one-day malaria will be history and so far the battle has to go! United we can win the game of chasing malaria for good.

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