Malaria is described as is a life-threatening mosquito-borne blood disease. Once an infected mosquito bites a human, the parasites multiply in the host’s liver before infecting and destroying red blood cells.

Last year there was a conference titled ‘Mass Action Against Malaria’ in Kampala hosted by President Museveni and broadcaster Charlie Webster, who used the occasion to share her story of how she contracted malaria in Brazil.

24 Hours

According to her story, she was told that she had just 24 hours to live. Evidently, she didn’t die but since contracting the deadly disease, she could no longer drink alcohol or eat salt due to the damage to her kidneys. This is why she started to hit back by becoming a prominent campaigner in the fight against malaria.

Charlie Webster is a role model to many, including Fight Malaria because of her humanitarian work in the battle against malaria. After her return from Uganda, she observed and recognised via Twitter the work of The Fight Malaria Ground Crew in distributing educational resources an free mosquito repellent to the masses in the streets of Kampala.

Kanye West

While I was reviewing my article, a member of my family told me that the American rapper, Kanye West (YE), was visiting Uganda with his wife Kim Kardashian and had arrived on Saturday 13th October 2018 on a private jet at Entebbe International Airport. It is reported that the rapper has already set up a temporary music studio for the next week where is planning to record his new album “ Yandhi”. Perhaps YE could be the next face of malaria prevention?

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