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Last week the world witnessed the launch of the Mass Action Against Malaria programme in Kampala which was chaired by the President of Uganda with Members of Parliament, the Cabinet Ministers and Ministry of Health members, predominantly from the Malaria Control Programme. There werealso representatives from a number of NGOs and charity organisations dedicated to fighting malaria.


The highlight of the occasion was Charlie Webster who narrated a touching story how she was near to death after contracting malaria in Brazil in 2016. Malaria traumatised her so much until she went to coma. She was in so much in pain and wished that maybe if she were to go, it would be a relief from her sufferings, but throughout her ordeal she fought back by saying no and with her will & courage to fight back she was restored to good health but leaving with lifelong kidney problems which were compromised to fifty percent functionality.

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The strong will of Charlie made aided her recovery and now she is fighting tough battle against malaria. Her inspirational dedication in the battle against malaria is similar to that of the Saul to Paul situation in the Holy Bible or challenges turning into blessings.  As I am spiritually oriented person I always believed that everything happens for a reason and God’s plans cannot be disputed because always they might be a reason behind it.

Charlie Webster is not only advocating for the fight against malaria but she has been as a single member ground crew touring the Ugandan villages recently in giving hope to suffers of malaria and those who have had aftermath of malaria suffering like her .

Malaria is being fought on many fronts as Fight Malaria joined a battle long time but is now setting up ground feet with all its artillery and ammunition in collaboration with Roperfree in Uganda for the intensive fight against malaria.

Fight Malaria has already sent educational resources over to Kampala and these have been received by the Operations Manager. The life saving resources from Fight Malaria are establishing a new dynamic in Uganda because our their simplicity. They use graphics to illustrate the symptoms of malaria which is going to be so helpful due its simplicity of the information to grasp.


The Fight Malaria Team in Uganda, headed by sales person called Mary- Maureen, is going to distribute the educational resources to schools, day care centres, hospitals, health & community centres, churches and all vital public places. When World Malaria Week exhibition begins in the third week of April, the team will contribute to share these resources and ensure that local people are getting the information they need.

Fight Malaria are e-commerce partners with Roperfree’s brand of mosquito repellent. With Summer around the corner, many people will be travelling to malaria endemic countries so purchasing some repellent online could be a life saver. Purchase your mosquito repellent on the Roperfree website and to download your educational resources head over to the Fight Malaria download page.


If you are looking for a great opportunity to share your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm, while immersing yourself in a unique culture, discovering new places and contributing to a good cause, you are welcome to stay at JKM Vacation Rental Accommodation in Kampala.

It is $30 per person and $10 is donated to Fight Malaria while JKM takes $20 per person with bed and breakfast provided in studio apartments which accommodates 2 guests while enjoying the real tropical paradise accommodation, watching different species of birds and monkeys in the vicinity. It could be a real good life experience in the Pearl of Africa while working for the good cause. Book your accommodation now and join us in the fight against malaria!

VIDEO: JKM Vacation Accommodation

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Malaria is still number one killer disease in Uganda but once we are united and fight together, malaria will be history in years to come ahead.

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