Roperfree is a passionate Ugandan company that produces mosquito repellents and Aromatherapy Oils. Their products are listed on the Fight Malaria site and can be purchased here on the Roperfree page.

They are a part of the Fight Malaria Team in Uganda and recently, they took to the streets of Kampala, the Capital of Uganda to hand out free mosquito repellents and Fight Malaria educational materials in an effort to prevent passersby from catching malaria.

Why are mosquito repellents effective?

It’s hard to hide from a hungry mosquito: the insects home in on their human targets by detecting body heat, carbon dioxide, and odours. Repellents ward off mosquitoes so they won’t bite you meaning that you won’t contract malaria.

So if you are ever walking on the streets of Kampala, you may see our Ground Crew handing out our educational resources!

Don’t forget, you can download our resources at any time here: Download Resources

Find out more about volunteering with us in Uganda!

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