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Fighting malaria isn’t rocket science but it is not an easy task as it requires a lot of malaria interventions, prevention which could be termed as malaria case management control.

As we have just ended malaria week but that does not mean that it will be the end of malaria campaign whereas it has given us hope and rejuvenation in our minds that malaria is still one of the most dangerous diseases on the planet and it has to be tackled effectively to eradicate it.

The battle of malaria has intensified but loopholes have to be noticed which should be addressed if we want to achieve our goals of defeating malaria for good in order to beat the target of zero malaria cases by 2030.

The loopholes we are going to mention such as misuse of mosquito nets, some people lack proper knowledge and sanitization about malaria, some do have phobia in sleeping in the mosquito nets whereas some said they have allergies when the sleep in the net, the size of the net also matters as most of the free distributed nets cannot fit the queen size beds.

On the other hand, reports have indicated that mosquito nets have drastically reduced the number of malaria cases in the country.

There are several points which caught to my attention when I was watching Dr Henry Stanley Katamba CEO, malaria control program on NBS TV Uganda during malaria day of April 25, 2018 while discussing the course of case management of malaria such as:
• All pregnant women offered ant malaria drugs
• Free distribution of mosquito nets to the public
• Indoor residue spraying in homes
• Lab source management which is on pilot project: Chemical put in the breeding ground of mosquitoes

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In case management he did not mention the uses of mosquito repellents maybe could be he has a valid point because in the country mosquito repellents are almost nonexistent so he never wanted to misinform the public.

As he mentioned that in case management the anti-malaria drugs are being subsidized by the government and the donors so that they are affordable and available so now we are anticipating that our Roperfree mosquito repellent should follow suit if the fight against malaria should achieve it dreams earlier than expected.

On the other hand, in case management program maybe there should be more use of resourceful information from sites such as Fight Malaria has been doing on the grounds of Kampala since last November 2017 up to present by providing useful information about malaria.

(Footage courtesy of Yusuf Kasumba)

The World Malaria Day in Uganda which was held in Mpigi police play-ground graced by Hon. Minister of Health Sarah Opendi who managed to visit our stall FightMalaria/Roperfree and noticed the resourceful information from Fight Malaria all the way from Uthe nited Kingdom and Roperfree mosquito repellents which impressed her and purchased ba atch of them for the community- she should be thanked for her generosity of giving back to the society.

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The week ended with a conference called World Malaria Day Scientific Colloquium 2018 at Hotel Africana graced by Dr. Jimmy Opigo and Myers Lugwemwa, as fighting against malaria is a collective issue so Roperfree/Fight Malaria were invited by Dr. Jimmy Opigo who waived conference charges so that we could attend smoothly without hindrance and we want to use this platform to thank him for acknowledging our cause in the fight against malaria.

Any contribution is highly appreciated to Fight Malaria as to continue to the good cause of awareness in terms of free resourceful information which got attention to Charlie Webster as she appreciated the good work and efforts they provide in providing education material to aid the prevention of malaria globally, for more details contact any donation is regarded as a life savior token against malaria.

Roperfree mosquito repellents/Aromatherapy can be purchased online at

(Footage courtesy of Yusuf Kasumba)

In Kampala Roperfree mosquito repellents and Aromatherapy can be purchased at:

• Friecca Pharmacy- Wandegeya
• WestLink Pharmacy-Quality Village Mall –Lubowa
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