Malaria is still a signficant burden across the world, killing thousands of people every year. The good news is that it malaria is now a global concern, with a target to achieve elimination by 2030.

Cases of malaria are still high. Our understanding is limited due to a lack of reliable data, but it is clear that the prevalence of malaria infection, incidence of disease, and mortality from severe malaria all remain very high.

Uganda has made progress in implementing key malaria control measures, in particular, the distribution of insecticide-mosquito bed nets, indoor residual spraying, the utilization of artemisinin-based combination therapy to treat uncomplicated malaria, and the provision of intermittent preventive therapy for pregnant women.

However, despite enthusiasm regarding the potential for the elimination of malaria in other areas, there is no convincing evidence that the burden of malaria has decreased in Uganda in recent years. This is mainly due to the misuse of government-provide bed nets and the lack of knowledge about dangers of malaria. That is why Fight Malaria is closing this gap by using its Ground Crew in preventative campaigns in and around Kampala.

Malaria is still a major challenge in Uganda due to very high malaria transmission, inadequate health care and a weak health system. Whilst the government is trying to address this issue, more needs to be done. Roperfree Brand Products provide a simple solution to malaria by using natural herbal oils to repel mosquitoes.

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We invite you to join us online. Roperfree Brand Products can also be purchase from the following outlets in and around Kampala.

  • Mega Super Market old taxi park & Garden city branch
  • Friecca Pharmacy- Wandegeya,
  • Jumbo Arcade shop 7 C in Kikubo
  • People’s Plaza shop L4171 opposite Arua Park
  • Asian African commodities- Italian Supermarket Muyenga – Kabalagala
  • JohnRich Supermarket- Kabalagala
  • Buffalo Healthcare Pharmacy- Kabalagala
  • Home queen grocery store: Kabalagala
  • Light Shoppers Supermarket – Kajjansi
  • Majex Pharmacy – Kajjansi
  • Kasumba Square- Busega, Kampala

The Fight Malaria/Roperfree partnership was set up to assist the global efforts against malaria. The partnership is not affiliated with any political party or group, but rather exists for the good health or those we help.

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