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Africa has one the warmest climates on the earth but having that comes with negative impact as it is also the breeding ground of mosquitoes because they also like warm climates to multiply, competing with the human race to fill the African continent. It’s essentially a race between the human population vs. the tiny mosquitoes that carry little weight.

Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water as this is where they lay their eggs. Examples of stagnant water include ponds, marshes, swamps and other wetland habitats. However, mosquitoes are capable of thriving in a variety of locations and can successfully grow in numbers even when not in their natural habitat. Many species of mosquitoes use containers of water as egg-deposit sites.

Hot, humid environments are most amenable to mosquito growth and survival. Infestations can occur easily in tropical areas. Some species have also been known to inhabit freezing locations such as the Arctic Circle.

To combat mosquitoes from laying eggs and multiplying in numbers, stagnant water has to be drained, ponds have to be covered, and drainages have to be unblocked, cleaned and sanitised.

Basically proper hygiene has to be practiced, implemented and maintained such as; clearing the bushes surrounding people’s homes, cutting overgrown grass and hedges, drinking water has to be boiled to the boiling point to kill the parasites and teeth have to be cleaned with treated or boiled water.

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Malaria is still a number one killer disease in Sub-Saharan Africa, as it kills more people than Aids and Tuberculosis combined together and a lot has to be done to save people’s lives that is why there are so many organisations which have come up to advocate, sensitise, educate and to provide necessary information about malaria with online service such as

The Sub Saharan African economies are being hampered. There is a link between malaria and the slow growth rate of economies as many people when they get sick cannot work and get income to support families, children miss out their education and parents cannot take care of their children very well once they are sick.

On the other hand, malaria causes physical and psychological trauma to the affected people and some people can become mentally impaired once not treated well with malaria cerebral malaria which is the most severe neurological complication of infection with Plasmodium falciparum malaria. It is a clinical syndrome characterised by coma and asexual forms of the parasite on peripheral blood smears.

Mosquito bites can be avoided by sleeping in mosquito treated bed nets, using mosquito repellents such as Roperfree mosquito repellents made with pure essential oils and it has proven to be very effective and it is non toxin, safe to use because it is delivered from natural herbs without any traces of chemicals. This product can be purchased online via Fight Malaria:

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We are hoping that one day, the world will be free from malaria but for how long shall we wait? Nobody knows but the good news is that malaria vaccine trials are being carried out and one day malaria will be history.

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