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Did you know that you are not really getting bit when you receive mosquito bite? Mosquitoes do not have any teeth but they have sharp mouths that can literally pry open the skin with tubes that they use to stick through the skin to access blood. The male mosquitoes do not bite but only the female mosquitoes that suck blood from the body in doing so they are transmitting a lot of diseases including the deadly malaria which is number one killer in the sub Saharan Africa, some parts of Asia and Latin America including the Caribbean islands. The male mosquitoes only live 6-9 days, however, so it is not a long, fulfilling life.

Most homes that have a mosquito infestation live near standing water, swampy areas, overgrown bushes and grass plus poor stagnant drainages which are not well kept or cleaned to allow water to run smoothly so if you have ponds, they should be drained or covered to avoid mosquitoes from breeding in them.

How to Repel Mosquitoes

Most mosquito control methods actually involve repelling them instead of killing them. It is recommended that everyone wear a repellent that to minimize the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, there are few brands on the global market right now such as; Roperfree mosquito repellent with pure essential oils. The Roperfree mosquito repellent is a unique brand delivered from natural herbs with no chemical contents which makes it to have almost zero side effects to the end user.

Roperfree mosquito repellents can be purchased online via and also to access free resourceful information how to avoid malaria and knowledge base of malaria how it affects the body if someone catches it, to gain access of useful information; check on

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Mosquitoes in North America

Canada and the United States have mosquitoes may carry West Nile Virus while worldwide they can carry malaria and cause encephalitis. Any time the temperature is above 50 degrees outside and there’s a suspicion of mosquitoes, it is important today to wear some form of a repellent. No exceptions and that is why Roperfree repellent would come up to be handy.

Long-term mosquito control always involves removing the source materials that help them breed. Encourage better drainage in your yard if you get puddles. Install basins for your gutter system instead of discharging water into the yard. In a worst case scenario, use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the extra water and then place that water down the drain.

Mosquitoes are uniquely attracted to beer. They will actually attack people who drink beer first and then go after everyone else. You can use this to your advantage by sacrificing a bottle of cheap brew and placing it out on your porch. The mosquitoes will fly into the beer and die very happy insects. There is one exception to this rule: if you are drinking beer and outside with your glass of beer trap, then the mosquitoes will come get you before they enjoy the open bar.

The same kind of trap can be used with some warm water and dish soap. You will need to stay away from the outdoors so the insects do not get distracted, but otherwise this is also a very effective method of killing mosquitoes. Anything with dish soap on it will attract these bugs, place a dot of dish soap on a glue trap and mosquitoes will flock to it.

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Another effective method is to use an electronic bug zapper that attracts the mosquitoes to it because of its light and warmth. The mosquitoes fly into it, receive an electrical discharge, and you do not have to worry about the bloodsuckers any more. There are indoor and outdoor bug zappers that can be installed but try to place them where people aren’t going to be. Nothing is more annoying than having a bug zapper kill a mosquito and have it discharge the carcass directly into the steak you’re trying to enjoy.

As a final method, you can always slap one when you see one. This is particularly fun when there’s a mosquito on a friend’s forehead.

There are some methods that do not work, although some people claim they do.

Wearing white will not prevent you from being bitten by a mosquito. It will help you see them if they land on your clothing, but they’ll leave tiny red blotches if you swat them. There are also some apps for smart phones and tablets that claim they will keep mosquitoes away and even kill them – do not waste your data and alcohol does not kill mosquitoes either, so dousing yourself in mouthwash will just cause these insects to laugh hysterically and bite you anyway. So it is better to be safe than sorry and to avoid the mosquito bites, always Roperfree Mosquito Repellent should be life saviour repellent to rely on.

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