Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Winston Churchill once named it the ‘Pearl of Africa’ because of its beauty, rich culture and humble people. Uganda ranked first globally for entrepreneurship, with a rate of 28% with Thailand in second place with 16%.

The focus for my trip to Uganda this summer was to help those suffering from malaria. Using Fight Malaria resources, the Ground Crew successfully completed this mission.

It was in June of 2010 when I thought of launching a social enterprise company with a focus on mosquito repellents and aromatherapy. I was keen to receive both acknowledgement and guidance from the National Drug Authority officers. The officers were impressed to see the high standard of working conditions and the occupational health procedures which were in place.

The Campaign

Roperfree in collaboration with Fight Malaria intensified its campaign against malaria in Kampala and the surrounding areas, with our first activity scheduled in mid- June 2018. It was at Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi Secondary School, Lweza- Kampala. This is a missionary secondary school run by Roman Catholic brothers with theBrother Sali as the Deputy Headmaster. Sali is a long time friend so our organization secured a spot for the first malaria campaign in the school.

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The campaign went very well with students learnt a lot about malaria, using educational resources from Fight Malaria. We discovered that, despite malaria being the highest killer disease in Uganda, no emphasis was put in place to protect people from the dangers of malaria in most schools. We’re trying to close this gap because prevention is more effective than treatment at lowering malaria cases.

We then went to the Joint Research Clinic Center located in Lubowa which is one of the best known medical facility in Uganda, known for its excellence in medical, research, training and healthcare, specializing in HIV management. We received a warm welcome from the officer in charge who gave us permission to help those with malaria. We offered them counselling services as well as offering them Roperfree mosquito repellents.

Our campaign continued throughout the summer with more programs in place for malaria prevention in schools and hospitals.

We invite you to support us online, or by purchasing Roperfree mosquito repellent from the stores below.

  • Mega Super Market old taxi park & Garden city branch
  • Friecca Pharmacy- Wandegeya,
  • Jumbo Arcade shop 7 C in Kikubo
  • People’s Plaza shop L4171 opposite Arua Park
  • Asian African commodities- Italian Supermarket Muyenga – Kabalagala
  • JohnRich Supermarket- Kabalagala
  • Buffalo Healthcare Pharmacy- Kabalagala
  • Home queen grocery store: Kabalagala
  • Light Shoppers Supermarket – Kajjansi
  • Majex Pharmacy – Kajjansi
  • Kasumba Square- Busega, Kampala
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The Fight Malaria/Roperfree partnership was set up to assist the global efforts against malaria. The partnership is not affiliated with any political party or group but rather exists for the good health or those we help.

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