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His excellence the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni arrived at the Ugandan Parliament around 14:00 yesterday afternoon on March 5, 2018, the president was greeted by the Vice Speaker of Parliament honorable Jacob Oulanya, the Vice President Moses Ali and other ministers and all members of Parliament.

The president launched the parliamentary form of malaria which was set up by the members of parliament or legislators and headed by one Member of Parliament, representing Jinja West constituency Honorable Moses Balyeku

The Ministry of Health Jane Ruth Aceng was tasked by the President why her ministry has failed to spray homestead and surroundings to kill mosquitoes in order to save lives. The minister found it hard time to the President about the outside residue spraying after explaining that the indoor residue spraying use different chemicals from DDT. As the President wanted clarity why can’t they used the indoor residue spraying which isn’t harmful to human beings to be considered for outside use. DDT was phased out in most of the countries due to its long time side effects.

The Minister Jane Ruth Aceng failed to explain which caused embarrassment on her side and she decided to invite Dr. Myers Lugemwa one of the high ranking members in malaria control program under ministry of health who explained that the spraying of outside would cost the agriculture industry by affecting food crops while targeting the mosquito could be hard under that method because mosquito which bite human beings feed indoors & live indoors and so they only go outside to lay eggs. The president was suggesting to at least to spray in all indoor households but the ministry of health declined due to the financial tag entailed to it as it could cost 350 billion shillings equivalent to $100 million dollars. The minister further said that malaria already cost 500 billion shillings annual equivalent to $145 million dollars in the management of malaria which is very costly but compared to the human lives; there is no choice because life is the most precious thing on the earth and fighting malaria is a priority to her ministry.

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With all the suggestions there is one preventative measure which was not mentioned, that is the use of mosquito repellents like Roperfree mosquito repellents. Mosquito repellents are handy, user friendly and do not cost much in terms of monetary, management and use. On the other hand, many people have been misusing mosquito nets by making wedding gowns, scare crews, fishnets, kitchen nets and some people go to bed when already they have been bitten by mosquitoes. In reference to what Dr. Myers Mugerwa said that mosquitoes live in doors, then if spraying cannot be worked outdoor due to reasons given, let us embrace the use of mosquito repellents such as Roperfree mosquito repellents.

Then the Deputy Speaker of Parliament honorable Jacob Oulanya took a stand and asked a simple question of why are they shy away about declaring war about mosquito, it was comical but true as he further said that he is not a small man but he wasn’t shy away to tell the truth that he fears the mosquito the tiny insect on the earth. There was burst of laughter but he went with confident to narrate about his fears of the mosquitoes

The highlight of the occasion was the speech made by the glamorous U.K.TV presenter Charlie Webster and a celebrity who once upon a time contracted malaria while in Brazil 2016 and that was her turning point to become part of campaign brand ambassador in the fight against malaria. She narrated that with malaria even if you survive could cause many lifelong problems which people do not realize, talking to her personal experience of having a long time kidney problem because of malaria. I was so touched about her stories which I watched by stream live and after that I decided to make a twitter message thanking her for the campaign against malaria and she humbled herself and replied back which stroke me the most and I wondered how pleasant she ought to be by acknowledging my tweet with her busy schedule!

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Awards were given in forms of trophy to many organizations in battle against malaria but missing out Fight Malaria UK maybe next time it ill have a spot in such event because of its fight against malaria.

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In conclusion of the occasion the President launched Mass Action Against Malaria in Uganda on the March 5, 2018. We are anticipating that by 2020 malaria will be battled on all fronts and many people will be safe from malaria but as per now it is still number one killer disease in Uganda. Let be optimist about free malaria Uganda in years to come. For resourceful and educative information about malaria please check the Fight Malaria website as Roperfree Mosquito Repellent can be purchased at the Roperfree store and your support is highly appreciated to keep the battle against malaria on top of the game.

Roperfree mosquito repellent can also be purchase in Kampala at Frecca Pharmacy-Wandegeya, WestLink Pharmacy-Lubowa Quality Mall and at Kasumba Square Mall-Busega

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