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Roperfree started with herbal products delivered to make mosquito repellents and aromatherapy under natural herbal medicines. Historically Africans had all along used many herbals to treat their diseases like malaria which has been prevailing for such a long time and when penicillin was invented Africans knew how to mix and boil their natural herbs and they were so effective because they never contained any harmful ingredients so there was no use of timely prescription by the pharmacist.

With a lot of research and use the knowledge from the elderly the herbal medicine plus my wife who is a herbalist and his grandfather is the one who innovated ‘ Kyampa Mbalasi” was once upon a time a household ointment for skin diseases and massaging during his career as medical assistant in Uganda in the 1970s . So this helped a lot to get the best quality of mosquito repellent/Aromatherapy because secretive formula was put into good use by our herbalist and member of Roperfree group who exactly knew to put the blue print into an excellent product.

After my burning desire and sourcing out more information I got the secrete of making mosquito repellent and the recipe remain disclosed to protect business secretes as many start up businesses do such as; Coca Cola, Kentucky fried chicken and others, the list goes on. I was so encouraged in getting mosquito repellent and after aromatherapy because of the government efforts to assist the natural herb industry and revitalisation of traditional herbal medicines because of their long history of efficacy and the cultural benefits.

Through my research for looking for good quality mosquito repellent afterwards it paid off and I have to thank the wonderful professors at Humber who really helped me a lot to give me resourceful information and what to do to achieve my dreams and there were impressed because I was getting a practical solution to fight mosquito bites which causes malaria and many deaths in the sub Saharan Africa as they knew that there is no malaria vaccine developed yet

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Once we put our recipe together we started using mosquito repellent by ourselves that is family, friends, neighbours’ and the results were amazing and there is no best efficacy than to see that something is working by itself for at least 6 years and it was such an excellent satisfying job. Many people reported that they never felt any mosquito bites anymore and they liked the scent and with the product many people discovered that it removes their skin diseases, removes acne, pimples, skin rashes, ringworms, nourishes the skin.

After the official inception in January 2017 and on the first day we sold four bottles of mosquito repellents which was an amazing start! and one of our customer who always used to buy apparels from the store to take them to Congo and Zambia, so she was introduced to mosquito repellents and aromatherapy the lady asked us to translate the description on the bottle label in French and Swahili, and she bought products for $110 that is 400,000 shillings and she made 100 percent profit because Congo has a lot of thick forest and rains so there is a lot of malaria plus, lots of skin diseases attributed to densely forest insects. Being huge country poor infrastructure it is an opportunity for Ugandan products due to easy access to Eastern Congo and the Congolese customers have money because maybe their dealing in expensive mineral resources and timber so they pay handsomely like the benefits of the product products and they do not haggle with prices as Ugandans do, so the lady made another $110 profit on Roperfree Products now is a loyal customer with repetitive business who buys once a month making the sales to go high.

There are so many good stories about the products and Roperfree is getting a lot of customers now in Uganda all over the country to buy our products. Now the market is moving steady due to the word of mouth and everyone who has used Roperfree Products has a good story to say. I remember in May of last year my brother who is surgeon in South Africa bought couples of the products for his friends who were impressed with the results.

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On the other hand also the scent or the aroma by itself when you rub on your body after bathing causes a soothing effect. The demand for our product is going up every day. Due to the testimonials and customer feedback we are so encouraged with the good recommendations about our products which have no reported side effects or non toxic.

When our products were tested last year in March it gave us a lot of encouragement because the scientists at the Ministry of Health in Uganda, Wandegeya, Kampala were so amazed how we came about with such amazing products and took the results and samples for further evaluation to National Drug Authority which also evaluated and approved the product with excellent results. We wanted to give the best for our customer and to make sure that the product is safe to use with any harmful ingredients or toxins to human beings and other evaluations were extended to North America and East Africa to satisfy customer’s need globally.

I thank the Uganda government for giving platform for all natural herbs medicinal producers plus the government scientist from Ministry of Health and the Uganda National Drug Authority for professional good guidance to follow the required standards and all our esteemed customers, Roperfree team, family members and Fight Malaria team.

To purchase Roperfree Brand Products please check and for resourceful information about malaria and any query in regards to that please check

Malaria is still number one killer disease in sub Saharan Africa and you can support us by buying our mosquito repellents to the vulnerable such as; the young children, the elderly and the sick and we encourage all charity organisations that are in the fight against malaria to use our mosquito repellent products.

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