Last week, it was announced that the UK had invested £45 million to fight malaria in Uganda. This contribution was presented by Lord Alexander Trees from the UK alongside a Parliamentary Group on the Prevention of Malaria from the UK, and a Ugandan group led by Hon. Moses Balyeki MP for Jinja Municipality West, along with the officials from the Ministry of Health during the consultative meeting at the State House, Entebbe.
The President commended the Uganda Parliamentary Committee on Malaria Control for creating a pressure group towards the fight and control of malaria in the county.

Uganda still suffers from the malaria burden and so ending the disease will not only save people’s lives but will also drive economic growth, increasing income per capita.

The Outreach Gap

There is no doubt that the work by the UK and Ugandan government is beneficial in many regards, but there is a gap in community outreach. The Fight Malaria Ground Crew are helping to put an end to malaria by educating individuals about the dangers of malaria and how they can stay safe. As always, prevention is better than treatment and once people understand the importance of mosquito nets, they will not misuse them and once they know the importance of malaria symptoms, they can seek medical attention immediately before malaria.

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Fight Malaria is working with partners overseas for community outreach work. Alongside the distribution of our educational resources, we’re proud to offer Roperfree Mosquito Repellent. This can be purchased from the following retailers in and around Kampala:

  • Mega Super Market old taxi park & Garden city branch
  • Friecca Pharmacy- Wandegeya,
  • Jumbo Arcade shop 7 C in Kikubo
  • People’s Plaza shop L4171 opposite Arua Park
  • Asian African commodities- Italian Supermarket Muyenga – Kabalagala
  • JohnRich Supermarket- Kabalagala
  • Buffalo Healthcare Pharmacy- Kabalagala
  • Home queen grocery store: Kabalagala
  • Light Shoppers Supermarket – Kajjansi
  • Majex Pharmacy – Kajjansi
  • Roper-fashions- Kampala Plaza on Kampala Road
  • Kasumba Square- Busega, Kampala

The Fight Malaria/Roperfree partnership was set up to assist the global efforts against malaria. The partnership is not affiliated with any political party or group but rather exists for the good health of people around the world.

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