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Graced By Minister of Health Honorable Dr. Sarah Opendi

Mpigi is one of the many districts which have higher malaria cases in Uganda even though there have been so many options put in place to fight malaria, the malaria cases are on the rise. 

Hon Minister Sarah Opendi purchasing Roperfree mosquito repellents

The district officer reported to the minister of health, honorable Sarah Opendi that the mosquito nets which were distributed free to the public as means of protection against malaria are being misused

Many people have been using them as garden nets to grow their vegetables. Then minister was not pleased about the information of misuse of mosquito nets and gave an immediate order to the Region District commissioners, and other security agencies to arrest anyone found misusing the mosquito nets.

Uganda spends a lot of money on malaria including donors funds in acquiring the mosquito nets for free distribution to the public to protect them against malaria and also in terms of treatment whereas on other hand many lives have been lost due to malaria as it kills more people in the county than any other diseases.

The minister encouraged new innovations in her speech in regards to fighting against malaria which is detrimental to the economy, plus she was very impressed to find out that there are new innovations which she noticed after visiting the Roperfree/Fight Malaria stall.

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Roperfree mosquito repellents took many people by storm during the World Malaria Day exhibition at Mpigi because of its protection 24/7, simple to use and no misuse can apply. 

As Roperfree/Fight Malaria we have been advocating that mosquito nets alone cannot solve the problem of malaria, it must be backed up by other interventions such as our Roperfree mosquito repellents and the public must be sensitized which Ms. Charlie Webster commented a few weeks ago after seeing on Twitter a Fight Malaria crew distributing free resourceful information in form of sensitization.

We would like to thank the World Health Organization for creating this day of World Malaria Day of April 25, of every year.

Mary Maureen and Mona at the Roperfree/Fight Malaria stand

Fight Malaria crew/Roperfree were the only social organization attended which offered the best solution for combating malaria after the minister spilled out the beans that mosquito nets are being misused.

Any contribution is highly appreciated to Fight Malaria as to continue to the good cause of awareness in terms of free resourceful information which got attention to Charlie Webster as she appreciated the good work and efforts they provide in providing education material to aid the prevention of malaria globally, for more details contact any donation is regarded as a life savior token against malaria.

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Roperfree mosquito repellents/Aromatherapy can be purchased online at

In Kampala Roperfree mosquito repellents and Aromatherapy can be purchased at:

  • Friecca Pharmacy- Wandegeya
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  • Kasumba Square Mall
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